Sales & Leadership behavior

Combining psychology, body language and practical behavior to strengthen your communication and create results

By using techniques based on academic research in psychology, leadership & management, sales and practical knowledge, we can facilitate your development and describe what you do good and what you should do more of to succeed even more.​

Working with personal development, it all starts with the mindset – your mindset! Then we need to look into how your are in your daily work life as to your profile, you need to know and be aware of how you prefer to act and react but also how the customers or employees are to create the best collaboration. When we have the right mindset – high performance – and the understanding about our profiles we will do deep dives into the topic.


Working with emotional intelligence, coaching, being an inspiration and dare to step into character.


All sales are about creating trust, and therefore the first few minutes are also very important to your sales. You do not get a second chance to give a good first impression. For me, sales are about relationships – you may sell a product or solution – but ultimately the relationship is crucial to the outcome of the sale.