Sackner Consulting International

We create strong results through motivation and coaching. We are good at operationalize the strategy, and able to strengthen the motivation and job satisfaction in the team we work with. We have created many good results both in large companies and in sports. Implement business plans, finding solutions and create results, guide others towards a goal and celebrate mutual success drives us in our work. We are offering a wide range of experience from the software industry, the financial industry’s largest companies, the retail industry, sports clubs and, in addition, extensive experience in the development of managers as well as sellers with proven results.



In 2014, Patrick started his own company. Patrick was tired of long lectures and consultants who spend more time on slideshows and monologues than real, practical and exciting training. Patrick focus was on sales and leadership development, coaching (sparring and pushing), and strategy processes based on communication and branding. The company startet under the name Sales4Winners, and later changed name to Sackner Consulting which today consist of Patrick & Jenny Sackner Christensen.

Sackner Consulting have been doing either workshops, strategical work and development processes at Danske Bank, PVH, Sparinvest, Nordic Air Filtration, Maersk, The Body Shop, LokalBolig, Home, Younger Doctors (YL), Region Sjælland (Pharma), City of Copenhagen and others.

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